The only items that have a minimum order number to run the fundraiser is the light-up bracelets (200) and our food items (200).
The local rep and you will work out the best time to run the fundraiser/event.
The length of the fundraiser is very important. For High School it is 2-3 weeks and for Middle School 3-4 weeks. The local rep will go over that with you.
All the fundraisers are invoiced at the end of the event. The only fundraiser you pay for upfront is the bracelets.
If your school/group is in Texas you are 99% sure of getting a rep to come out in person to talk with the kids and help out. If they can’t make it they will walk you through everything over the phone.
ESF Fundraising will get the business for you. If you like, you can give us a wish list or tell us the areas that you want the businesses in.
All sale-incentive rewards that are given to the kids or coaches are free to you.
The individual and group goals will be set by you and the rep.
The unsold Discount Cards will be returned to ESF at no cost. Food items must be bought in cases so it is possible that you have some left over product inventory. You will know what item and how many at the close-out of the event. So you can have the kids continue to sell them before the product gets to you. Bracelets are paid for in advance and cannot be returned to ESF.
ESF is located in Spring, Texas.
If you do a food fundraiser the rep will show up at the time of delivery to your organization to make sure the delivery is correct and will put the product in groups by the kid’s name.
The rep will write you an invoice at the end of the event and the office will e-mail you one also.
The split of the fundraising depends on how much you sell. The more you sell the more you get. You will know the split and have it in writing before you start your event.
The checks the customers write out should be made to the school/group if you take the checks.
On all of our fundraisers but one the school/group holds the money and pays ESF. The one that ESF pays the school/group is the Mobile Discount Card fundraiser. This is because the customer uses their credit card to pay, but you will get a daily update of what was sold and you will get paid 2 days after the fundraiser is done.