Treats In-A-Box

The Carrier Kings of In-Hand Fundraising

ESF is “The Carrier Kings” of In-Hand Fundraising

Our easy to sell products arrive in a convenient carrying case that is easy for the kids to handle. All of our Treats In-A-Box have never been delivered to another school, nor have they been sitting in storage for months. All product are delivered directly from the warehouse to you.
  • Kids enjoy selling Our Products
  • Convenient Carrying Case
  • Our product has never been delivered to a previous location
  • Delivered straight from the Warehouse

$2 Dark Chocolate and Carmel Sea Salt Pretzel Rods

Pretzel Rods This is a NEW & will become ESF #1 Selling Chocolate Treat. We Super-Sized the Pretzel Rod and then Dipped it a Ton Of Times In Dark Chocolate ...
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Albanese $1 Fruit Gummies

If you are looking for a $1 Great Tasting Gummies that the KIDS will LOVE and will meet the NUTRITION Guidelines you have found it. New for 2022. You have ...
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Famous Fortune Cookies

We took a Gourmet cookie, redesigned it, dipped it in chocolate, added uplifting anti-bullying messages then added great tasting treats on the outside. 60 Cookies per Take Out Box Selling ...
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Heavenly Gourmet Chocolate Bars & Pretzel Rods

Fundraise with the best tasting Chocolate out there in the Fundraising World. They use PREMIUM Chocolate to provide you with a GREAT TASTING Chocolate Bar and Chocolate Pretzel Twists and ...
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Sour Treats and Fun

When it comes to quality there is simply no comparison We offer four flavors of Sour Treats and Fun in this cash and carry box: Each Box has Sqwormds, Sour ...
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Welch’s Fruit Roll Ups

This is A Brand New Fundraising Idea For The Fundraising World And The KIDS Are Going To LOVE Selling These. There are 60 $1 Fruit Roll Up Bags In Every ...
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For your safety, no food product can be returned once its delivered. No exceptions!