Uncle Ervins Jerky Fundraiser

Taste The Taxas!

Bad Jerky is a modern-day outlaw.

At Uncle Ervin’s Smoked Seats, down in brush country Taxas, world class jerky is our 36-year obsession. Small batches of carefully selected beef smoked over read wood, along with bold sidekick ingredients, produce our top shelf jerky – perfectly spiced with full beef flavor and steak-like chew.

As authentic jerky purists, our Uncle Ervins’ mission is to serve jerky justice in every bag

Uncle Ervin’s Gold Standard:

  • Lean cuts of carefully selected beef product a real beef texture that isn’t mushy, gummy or impossible to chew.
  • Complimentary spices are blended just so to product natural, bold flavors that enhance real meat taste.
  • Small batches are slowly processed and real wood smoked, drawing out natural color, preserving meat fibers, and creating our uncommon steak-like chew.

ESF Fundraising Of Tx has Team up with Uncle Ervin to offer School Groups Small Batched Premium Jerky for Fundraising. You will not Find a Jerky out there that taste this well. Once you open up the 3oz bag of Jerky and smell that great Flavor is Nothing compared to STEAK LIKE CHEW you get.

When you Fundraise with Uncle Ervin’s Jerky your customers will be asking you when will you be doing the Fundraiser again